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Inversion Season Might Be Over, But Don’t Lose Good Habits

As the winter season ends and inversion season passes, we need to maintain good habits to keep Utah’s air clean all year long. Although it is true that winter is the worst season for inversion in our state, it doesn’t necessarily mean that spring and summer are pollution free. … Read More

UCAIR Grant Spotlight: Provo’s Clean Air Toolkit

In 2014, UCAIR awarded Provo a grant to help the city develop a “Clean Air Toolkit“. The purpose of this toolkit was to provide Provo residents, businesses and city leaders a centralized resource with information about what they could do help achieve the goal of clean air. In collaboration with Read More

Four Facts About Wood Burning That May Surprise You

Many of us can remember a time when we sat in front of a fire, enjoyed some friendly company and felt the warmth of the flickering flames. In large part due to the good memories associated with wood burning, it’s hard to believe that it can actually have a negative … Read More

Four Ways to Reduce Your Home Emissions

Winter is here, and with it comes cooler temperatures and increased heating costs. While we can’t stop the snow from falling, we can cut back on the pollution we release into the air. Especially during periods of inversion, reducing our homes’ emissions is extremely important to maintaining breathable air in … Read More

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