*There are currently no plans for more gas can exchanges*

It is the time of year to get out the lawn equipment and gas cans to fuel them.  Did you know it is not recommended to leave your gas cans in the garage? Especially if you have young children, elderly, or people with asthma in your home as they have a heightened sensitivity to these chemicals. As of 2009, the EPA has required standard limits of emissions from gas cans. These new standards have lowered volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and harmful carcinogens by 75%.

A Major Source of Smog-Forming Pollution

Gas cans contribute to VOC emissions in the following ways:

  • Permeation of vapors through walls of containers.
  • Escaping fumes while fuel is being dispensed.
  • Spillage and over filling as fuel is being poured into equipment.
  • Spillage and evaporation through secondary vent holes.
  • Evaporation through inadequately capped spouts.

How Do the New Cans Help?

The new containers are equipped with the following improvements:

  • Automatic shut-off feature to prevent overfilling.
  • Automatic closing feature.
    • Sealed when it is not in use.
    • Prevents leaking vapors.
    • Protects children from accidental spills and ingestion.
    • Secondary venting holes are eliminated to stop venting of fumes into the air.
    • Thicker walls to reduce vapor permeation.

In 2015 UCAIR, SureCan and Chevron exchanged over 4,500 gas cans. That’s equivalent to eliminating 540 cars off Utah’s roads per day over the 5-year life of each gas can. Making this small change can have large impact on our air quality. Together we can make a difference in Utah’s air quality.

SureCan is a Utah-based company that offers 2.2 and 5 gallon fuel cans that are ideal for re-fueling lawn and garden machines, ATVs, generators or any other machines that require gasoline to run. SureCan designed their cans with a rotating nozzle and thumb release trigger. This allows the user to control the flow of fuel. Users can release fuel while seeing into the machine’s tank, preventing overfill and spills. Other features include a safety lock, self-ventilating system, comfortable hand grip, durable design and child-proof caps. The best part is the can is EPA-certified.

The Gas Can Exchange Program will be the first of its kind in Utah and help our state come into compliance with the new EPA standard.

*There are currently no plans for more gas can exchanges*