Spring is officially here which means that it’s time to switch up your routine and enjoy the warm weather. Biking in Utah is growing more and more popular with each passing year. However, there are many reasons why Utahns choose not to use biking for commuting or recreational purpose. One of the biggest reasons is the length of their commute. Purchasing an electric bike may be the answer to getting more Utahns to strap on a bike helmet and park their cars.

Ted Wilson, UCAIR Executive Director, is an electric bike enthusiast. He recently purchased one and enjoys regular rides to and from meetings. If you are interested in purchasing an electric bike, here are few of the many benefits:

  •  E-bike is great for Utah’s air and reduces CO2 emissions. By parking your car at least once a week and using an electric bike, you will help improve Utah’s air quality.
  • Using an electric bike will improve your overall health without pushing you too far out of your exercise level comfort zone.
  • After the initial purchase, you’ll save money since you won’t need to purchase insurance or pay any registration fees. You’ll also save on gas and maintenance.
  • You get to feel like a kid again as you cruise down Utah’s streets! What’s better than that?

Show UCAIR about Utah’s air quality and consider purchasing an electric bike this year. Utah has numerous bike shops:

Blue Monkey Bicycles

eBike Utah

Contender Bicycles


Additional information about e-bikes:

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