Can ImageUCAIR, Chevron and SureCan have teamed together for a new gas can exchange event. The event will be May 16 starting at 11 a.m., running while supplies last.

You can exchange your old gas can for a free, air-friendly can. Bring your old, empty gas can and exchange it for a brand new SureCan while supplies last. The event will be held at the Department of Environmental Quality: 195 N. 1950 West, Salt Lake City.

This is UCAIR and Chevron’s second gas can exchange this year. The first gas can exchange was a huge success. This is another great opportunity to switch out your old gas can for one that will help improve Utah’s air quality.

SureCan is a Utah-based company that offers 2.2 and 5 gallon fuel cans that are ideal for re-fueling lawn and garden machines, ATVs, generators or any other machines that require gasoline to run.

SureCan designed their cans with a rotating nozzle and thumb release trigger. This allows the user to control the flow of fuel. Users can release fuel while seeing into the machine’s tank, preventing overfill and spills. Other features include a safety lock, self-ventilating system, comfortable hand grip, durable design and child-proof caps. The best part is the can is EPA-certified.

The old gas cans will be recycled by PK Clean, a local clean energy start up company. They will turn the plastic into low sulfur fuel.

Join us on May 16 to help improve Utah’s air quality. Contact Angie at if you have any questions about the gas can exchange. 

*There are currently no plans for more gas can exchanges*