Since the first DJ dropped a needle on Pete Seeger’s We Shall Overcome (naturally) record back in 1979, KRCL 90.9fm is on a mission to connect community through remarkable music and positive social change. That’s no different when it comes to improving the air we breathe.

KRCL uses the airwaves to provide listeners with information they can use to make changes in their lives or the community. Shows and feature segments, including RadioActive (Sundays at 6 p.m.), Just One Question, The R.O.I. and VoxPop, regularly showcase subject matter experts and people engaged in environmental quality, conservation and policy work.

As a listener-supported community radio station, KRCL conducts business in line with the expectations of its audience. Look for solar panels to go up at the station later this year. Thanks to support from UCAIR, Rocky Mountain Power and other community partners, we expect to be the first Utah radio station powered entirely by renewable energy.

One smart way to #ShowUCAIR is to install a programmable thermostat. There are some great choices on the market which allow you to set the heat or air conditioning to turn on only when you’re around — which isn’t when you’re at work. If you program it to adjust to how you use your space, you won’t have to do it manually. And that’s one less thing for you to worry about, and one more thing you can do to #ShowUCAIR about clean air.

Looking for other ways to #ShowUCAIR about the quality of the air we all breathe? How about:

  • Walk
  • Bike
  • Ride a bus or TRAX
  • Trip chain
  • Don’t Idle

In the end, our individual choices add up to big changes for everybody. So, please, #ShowUCAIR!