Cutting down on your total energy consumption is a great way to help keep Utah’s air clean. If you’re using less then you’re emitting less, it’s just that simple. Not to mention, conserving energy can also net you some serious savings.

The good news is that it’s never been easier to start conserving energy. The ThermWise program offered by Questar Gas and the WattSmart program offered by Rocky Mountain Power are both incredible options to stay comfortable while reducing your monthly costs and energy use.




ThermWise is an initiative that promotes the use of efficient appliances and practices that conserve natural gas. Wattsmart is similar in that is promotes the reduction of energy, but focusses more on cash incentives for reducing the amount of electricity you use. Both of these programs, however, help to keep Utah’s air clean.


What’s in it for you?

 For those who take the plunge and improve their energy efficiency, actual savings await. Not only will you save money every month as your usage decreases, but both of the aforementioned programs also offer rebates and other incentives to anyone smart enough to take advantage of them. So not only will you be improving Utah’s air quality, you’ll also be improving the size of your bank account.

While it might seem small, implementing some of these energy saving programs can make a big difference for Utah’s air. For more on what you can do to show UCAIR about Utah’s air, click here.