One of UCAIR’s main purposes is to educate Utahns about different strategies they can do to help improve Utah’s air. It’s easy and may save time to drive alone, but cars are major polluters during the inversion season.

Have you ever considered commuting by bike instead of commuting by car? Most people think that biking is just a seasonal activity, but it’s actually something you can do year round. Biking in the winter isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Bike Collective, a local group in Salt Lake City, recently held a workshop to educate and promote biking in the winter. We compiled a list of their great winter biking tips:

  • Buy a bike that you can use during any season
  • Keep your bike well-maintained; simpler bikes require less maintenance
  • Wear appropriate attire:
    • Wool layers
    • Scarfs
    • Water proof pants
    • Ear muffs
    • Use a beanie under your helmet
    • Gloves
    • Shoe covers
    • Keep your core warm
    • Check the weather before you head out

Check out their workshop video here.


There are many benefits to biking in the winter. You’ll never get stuck in traffic, you’ll improve your health and you’ll improve Utah’s air. You don’t have to give up your car, just try biking at least once a week.

Check the Utah Air app before you consider riding during the inversion season. Available for Android and iOS . Take appropriate measures to protect your health on yellow or red air days.