Air Quality Tools

Public Transit

UTA FrontRunner  is a commuter rail line that operates in Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, and Utah counties with connections to UTA’s bus system.

UTA TRAX light rail operates three lines throughout the Salt Lake Valley with a fourth line to the airport opening soon.

UTA Buses serve more than 1,400 square miles along the Wasatch Front and offer traditional and express services.

UTA Rideshare is a program to educate the community concerning alternative transportation options that reduce single-occupant vehicle usage, improve mobility, enhance air quality and conserve energy.

Carshare is a relatively new program along the Wasatch Front delivered in partnership with Enterprise Carshare. Carsharing lets you take transit or carpool yet still have access to a vehicle.

Logan/Cache Valley Transit

Park City Transit

St. George Bus

UTA Trip Planner 

UTA Route Finder

New UTA Transit Tool allows you track the location of a bus or train on your mobile device

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