UCAIR Air Assist Grants For Small Businesses – Closed

For three years UCAIR, the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), and the Utah Department of Workforce Services (DWS) have partnered together to provide grants for small businesses through the Air Assist program. The grants were available for small businesses with fewer than 100 employees to assist them in making business process improvements to reduce emissions and improve air quality. The goal of this program was to support small business owners as they make these business upgrades. Because the cost of making these air-friendly changes can be overwhelming, the Air Assist Program was created to help ease this financial burden and save jobs.

UCAIR Grants

The UCAIR Grants program encourages businesses, government and non-profit organizations to invest in emissions-reducing and energy-efficient technology. The program is meant to foster creative thinking and will be based on solid metrics that can show actual pollution reduction. Typically the  UCAIR Grant cycle begins with a Letter of Intent in August and full applications are due in October. UCAIR Grants are awarded once a year, in November. Please visit the main UCAIR Grants page for further information on this year’s grant cycle.

Other Funding Programs & Credits

Clean Fuel and Vehicle Technology Grant and Loan Program

The State of Utah’s grant and loan program is for government vehicles and private sector business vehicles and for refueling equipment that dispenses a clean fuel.

Clean Fuel Vehicle Tax Credit

The State of Utah provides a tax credit for motor vehicles that meet certain air quality and fuel economy standards.

Natural Gas Heavy Duty Vehicle Tax Credit
The State of Utah provides a tax credit for the qualified purchase of a natural gas heavy duty vehicle (category 7 or 8 vehicle) that has never been titled or registered.

The Department of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ) Business Assistance Program, BizHelp, provides information on pollution prevention practices, environmental permits, sustainability resources, and the Clean Utah business recognition program.