Five Little Ways to Show UCAIR About Utah’s Air

While it doesn’t always look like it outside, inversion season is in full swing this winter. We’ve already experienced multiple “red” air quality days in the Salt Lake Valley and can expect to see more as winter continues. However, making small changes to your current lifestyle can yield tremendous results … Read More

Real Stories

Doctor Liz Joy sees firsthand how Utah’s bad air quality affects her patients. From young children to elderly adults, everyone is disadvantaged by poor air. “Nobody is immune to bad air quality. It affects everyone, no matter your age,” said Liz.

Mia Towery is no stranger to struggling with Utah’s bad … Read More

What Is a Smog Rating?

As the winter inversion season nears, it’s a good time to start thinking about ways to reduce emissions in Utah. While driving less will always be an important strategy, next time you’re car shopping make sure to choose a car with a good smog rating for when you do drive. … Read More

What Is an Inversion?

If you’ve lived through a winter or two in Utah, you’ve probably heard the term “inversion” used to describe our weather. In fact, even if you’ve never heard that word before, you’ve almost definitely seen the effects of inversion.
Before you can understand Utah’s air quality challenges, however, you need to … Read More

What Is a Cold Start?

When your car’s engine is colder than its normal operating temperature and you start it, that’s a cold start. Recently, the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) partnered with Weber State University and Utah State University to determine that cold starts are one of the worst contributors of emissions. … Read More

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