UCAIR Funding Opportunities

The UCAIR Grants Program encourages Utah’s businesses, government entities and nonprofit organizations to bring forward creative and innovative ideas of their own.  In addition, the UCAIR Board had designated targeted areas of special interest which could have significant impact.  A third program is an Innovator’s Competition to encourage entrepreneurial approaches to improve air quality.  The Grants and Competition Programs are designed to reward those who come forward with high quality proposals.  Working together, UCAIR and the UCAIR Grant Partners, will move toward our shared goal of measurable improvement to air quality in Utah.

UCAIR Grant Programs

*The 2016 UCAIR Grant cycle is now closed, you can expect a similar cycle in Fall 2017*

Applicant-Initiated UCAIR Grants: The cornerstone of our grants program, as in previous cycles, rest upon applicant-initiated proposals for projects to address our state’s air quality challenges. As in prior grant cycles, UCAIR encourages proposals for creative and innovative ideas for projects to improve air quality.

Targeted UCAIR Grants: In addition to the general grants program, UCAIR has also identified a small number of targeted areas in which we believe there is a particular opportunity for significant impact. UCAIR requests proposals for projects to specifically encourage behavior changes in defined groups of individuals. Application are requested to address any of the four following target areas:  

  • Individuals whose vehicles are particularly high emitters, including older or poorly maintained vehicles
  • Efforts to promote recognition by sellers and buyers of the value of buying better smog rated vehicles
  • Efforts to promote transition of small businesses currently using 2-stroke engines to use of 4-stroke or electric engines
  • Employers and individuals using telecommuting techniques to contribute to better air by taking vehicles off the road

UCAIR seeks Letters of Intent from interested parties. This two-step process allows UCAIR to get a preliminary feel for funding interests and types of projects.  This process also allows for discussion, assistance and a conversation with potential grantees.  Letters of Intent are due August 1, 2016 to grants@UCAIR.org. Letters of Intent will be evaluated and applicants contacted during August. The second step is a full application submitted by October 1, 2016.

Request for Proposals (RFP)

Letter of Intent due August 1, 2106

Application Form due October 1, 2016

UCAIR Grant Announcement on November 18, 2016

UCAIR Air Quality Competition: UCAIR is joining with Grow Utah to present an exciting contest for clean air innovations.  It is open to all innovations/innovators that can demonstrate an immediate impact on improving air quality.  Substantial prizes for winning innovations will be given. Details are still being worked out but a formal announcement of the program will be posted soon. You may have seen Shark Tank on TV. We won’t be quite as dramatic but you can count on an interesting and profitable outcome. It’s time to get creative about air quality. Keep an eye on the UCAIR Grants webpage for further information.