What you can do at home

The small choices we make at home affect the air. We can reduce emissions by the way we maintain and use vehicles, the transportation choices we make, how efficiently we use energy and by purchasing household, lawn and garden products with clean air in mind.

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Simple Ways to Save Energy And Our Air

Energy efficiency, combined with a well-maintained furnace, can reduce the emissions produced to heat your home in the winter. There are a number of simple ways to reduce natural gas usage now along with more long-term solutions that will help you save energy throughout your home.

Be energy efficient

Heat with natural gas if available as opposed to wood

  • Swap out wood stoves or fireplaces for natural gas models.
  • If you use wood, be sure your stove is EPA-certified.

Purchase an ultra-low NOx water heater when the time comes to replace your old unit.

Develop your own Air Quality Action Plan