It's no sweat to make the air epically cleaner for everyone.

Little actions have huge results. You’re not just saving yourself money, fuel and the stress of commuting – all of which are pretty great – you are also making the air healthier for everyone, especially those you love. Try taking transit, carpooling or turning off an idling engine today.

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Be Idle Free

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Carpool Once a Week

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Take Public Transit

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Use Battery Powered Yard Tools

Real Utahns. Real Stories.

Why should you care about Utah’s air quality? Because while we are making progress, poor air affects all of us, whether you realize it or not. Watch our videos featuring real Utahns dealing with real challenges that are intensified by our air quality.

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Brad Macfarlane
First Responder

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Mia Towery
Clinton, Utah

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Dr. Liz Joy
Intermountain Healthcare

Do you have a clean air story to share?

Learn how you can help Utah's air.

Get educated about Utah’s air. Watch these short videos to learn more about how summertime ozone is created, why you should avoid cold starts and how to make smart energy choices for your home.