It's no sweat to make the air epically cleaner for everyone.

Little actions have huge results. You're not just saving yourself money, fuel and the stress of commuting – all of which are pretty great – you are also making the air healthier for everyone, especially those you love. Try taking transit, carpooling or turning off an idling engine today.


Real Utahns. Real Stories.

Why should you care about Utah’s air quality? Because while we are making progress, poor air affects all of us, whether you realize it or not. Watch our videos featuring real Utahns dealing with real challenges that are intensified by our air quality.


Learn how you can help Utah's air

Want to get educated about our air? Watch these short videos to learn more about how summertime ozone is created, why you should avoid cold starts and how to make smart energy choices for your home.

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Learn what causes ozone and why it matters
Learn what cold starts are and why you should avoid them
Learn what you can do at home to reduce emissions

Need a new car?

Look for the smog rating.

Whatever kind of car you’re looking for, try to find one with the highest smog rating in its category. On a scale of 1 to 10, the higher the number, the better the vehicle is for our air.

To check a car’s smog rating, find it in the app to the left.

What you can do

Lower thermostat two degrees to reduce harmful emissions

TravelWise with coworkers or friends

Find your trip options

Be idle free if stopped for more than 30 seconds

Try transit once a week to help reduce traffic

UTA Schedules

Avoid cold starts during the winter

Learn More

Make energy-saving choices at home

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From the UCAIR blog

What is a Cold Start?

When your car's engine is colder than its normal operating temperature and you start it, that's a cold start. That means that every time you start your car after it sits for a long period of time, you are having a significant impact on the air quality. Read more...

What is Inversion and Why is it a Big Deal?

If you’ve lived through a winter or two in Utah, you’ve probably heard the term “inversion” used to describe our weather. In fact, even if you’ve never heard that word before, you’ve almost definitely seen the effects of inversion. Read more...

What is a Smog Rating?

As the winter inversion season nears, it’s a good time to start thinking about ways to reduce emissions in Utah. While driving less will always be an important strategy, next time you’re car shopping make sure to choose a car with a good smog rating for when you do drive. Read more...