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We all play a part in Utah’s air quality.

Some of us breathe deep at the worksite. Some on the playground. And others out on the trail. But whether we’re at work, at school or at play, we all breathe the same air to live. So, let’s do our best to keep it clean.

Don't Idle
Use Public Transit
Adjust Thermostat

UCAIR & DAQ - Who Are They?

The mission of the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is safeguarding and improving Utah’s air, land and water through balanced regulation, including the data we use at UCAIR. Division of Air Quality (DAQ) is responsible for providing all the air quality data for the state of Utah. Your interest and involvement can make a difference.

The forecast indicates the highest pollution level of the day. During the summer, ozone pollution levels build up during the day and typically dissipate each night, so our everyday actions make a difference every day.


Our current air quality index (AQI) provides information on the quality of air that you are breathing and it’s impact on your health. 


Get weekly trending data on Utah’s PM and Ozone to help plan your weeks commute and learn how you can help. 


UCAIR & Union Pacific Leaf Blower Exchange Registration

Air quality affects us all

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Live to Breath

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Clean Air on the Trail

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Clean Air for the Class

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Clean Air at Work

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Clean Air for Our Friends

Learn how you can help Utah's air

Get educated about Utah’s air. Watch these short videos to learn more about how summertime ozone is created, why you should avoid cold starts and how to make smart energy choices for your home. 

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