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What you can do at home

The small choices we make at home affect the air. We can reduce emissions by the way we maintain and use vehicles, the transportation choices we make, how efficiently we use energy and by purchasing household, lawn and garden products with clean air in mind.

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Switch from a Two Stroke to Four Stroke Engine

Four-stroke engines create fewer emissions because they don’t burn oil the way two-stroke engines do. A four-stroke engine creates one tenth of the pollutants of a two-stroke engine. Go one step further and buy an electric lawn mower or trimmer. Consider using any type of lawn equipment in the evening to reduce ozone pollution.

Advice for Clearing Your Snow

If possible, switch from a two-stroke snowblower model to a four-stroke, keep your snowblower well maintained, don’t let fuel sit in containers for too long, don’t spill fuel on the ground and fuel up your snowblower in advance of a predicted snowstorm. Better yet, use a snow shovel if possible. Utah’s fluffy powder can make shoveling easier.

Replace Old Gas Containers

By replacing old fuel containers with those made since 2009, you’ll lose less of your fuel as vapors into the air. Replacing just one container reduces four pounds of VOCs a year. Learn more about UCAIR’s efforts to help Utahns replace old fuel containers with new, EPA approved ones. Consider using your gas cans in the morning or evening to reduce ozone pollution.

Buy Water-Based Paints

By purchasing paints that are water-based like latex paints, you will help reduce harmful emissions.