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3 Reasons To Use Gas Heating Instead of Wood-Buring

Utah’s air quality is a common concern for most residents. According to an article published by the SLC Tribune, “A home heated with wood emits as much particulate pollution as 200 homes heated with natural gas and as many volatile organic compounds as 500 homes.” Since 2018, Utah has instated regulations and restrictions on wood-burning based on air quality. While there are great resources to keep an eye on the air quality and when wood-burning restrictions are in place, the best-case scenario is to make the switch from wood-burning to gas heating. So why make the switch?

Reason 1: Reduced Health Risk

Poor air quality can significantly affect the health of children, the elderly and those with respiratory conditions. Did you know that children breathe at a higher rate than adults? This means that their intake of air and pollutants is higher than adults and poor air quality potentially affects them more. But for everyone, poor air quality can cause long term health issues and even short term ones like headaches, congestion and difficulty breathing. Using a gas stove means using cleaner fuel that reduces particulate matter. When particulate matter is reduced, health risks are also reduced and breathing is easier. To get a better idea, click here to read more from Dr. Liz Joy about the connection between air quality and health. 

Reason 2: Create Better Winter Air Quality

Inversions start to trend in Utah during the winter, and not in a good way. It’s a hot topic often discussed. Inversions are common simply because Utah’s mountains combined with the weather are a recipe that causes poor air quality. See why and how it happens in the video here. The cold from the inversion increases the need to heat homes, but when those homes are heated using wood-burning stoves, it contributes to the inversion and poor air quality. It becomes a cycle that is hard to break. By replacing wood-burning with gas heating, the air quality improves during the winter.

Reason 3: Financial Assistance To Switch

A big reason to switch from wood-burning to gas is to take advantage of assistance programs that help with the cost. The DEQ is currently accepting applications to an assistance program to help Utah residence switch from wood-burning to gas. It’s a way to make the switch more affordable. Click here to see if you qualify and to apply. Depending on where you live in Utah, applications are being accepted as early as January 21, 2021.