Warm up to a gas fire.

Before Utah’s dropping temps make you think about dropping another log on the fire, consider switching your wood-burning stove over to gas. Wood burning stoves contribute significantly to air pollution and inversions–up to 150 tons of emissions over the lifetime of a stove. When inhaled, particles in smoke and soot can cause breathing difficulties and even permanent lung damage. 

Get cozy with your hoodie.

Grab an extra layer and drop the temp two degrees lower on your thermostat. By turning down the heat two degrees during the winter season, you can save money and reduce emissions. Your lungs and your piggy bank will thank you.

Work from home.

Save yourself from wintery commutes by telecommuting. You’ll not only save the air, you’ll save on gas money. If your office or workplace doesn’t have an option for telecommuting, try carpooling. Don’t forget to assign someone in the car to bring treats to share.