September 22, 2021 – September 23, 2021 all-day
Utah State University
0500 Old Main Hill Logan
Utah 84322-0500

Normally a large, three-day event, the 2021 Utah Outdoor Recreation Summit will be two regional gatherings. We’ll have a limited number of attendees at each event, outdoor space, lots of learning, and of course, fun outdoor activities and a service project!

Our 2021 Summit theme is OUTDOORS ELEVATED. Both events will be planned with this theme, and each Summit will focus the theme on different topics and with different speakers.

Outdoors Elevated

The theme for 2021, Outdoors Elevated, is meant to do just that — elevate the outdoors! We seek to build on the appreciation and admiration for the outdoors and continue to elevate those. We’ll have conversations about elevating the outdoors:

• By collaborations between public, private, and non-profit organizations

• For all kids and families

• In rural communities seeking resources to elevate their quality of life and local economy through outdoor recreation

• Through the outdoor industry, social responsibility, and best business practices

Get inspired and stay informed about current outdoor recreation issues in one of our five educational tracks. Give back to the local recreation areas during Summit service projects. Have fun in a Summit outdoor activity.

An annual event, the Utah Outdoor Recreation Summit serves as a gathering place for all sectors of the outdoor recreation industry in Utah to connect, learn, grow and build together with a vision for the future, health and vitality of outdoor recreation in Utah.

The Utah Outdoor Recreation Summit focuses on how we strengthen outdoor recreation communities, the outdoor recreation economy, and improve health and quality of life for all Utahns. Join us!