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Inversion Season: Tips for Cleaner Air and How You Can Help! 

We are in the thick of inversion season, and although inversions are unavoidable, we must consider what we can do to alleviate the negative impacts of inversions on our health and the environment. Let’s recap what happens during an inversion. According to the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, an inversion occurs “when cold air near the earth’s surface gets trapped under a layer of warmer air, a situation ubiquitous during winter. The resulting stagnation can cause a build-up of pollutants, including vehicle emissions, to unhealthy levels.”

Actions we take during the winter months can make a measurable difference in the pollutants in our air, which double every day during an inversion event. Reducing car trips is one major way we can give our air a break from emissions. While not everyone has the option of teleworking, there are still plenty of other measures we can take to reduce emissions from our vehicles. Consider carpooling or using public transit. Reduce idle time when driving and complete multiple errands in one trip, such as picking up groceries on the way home from work. 

Let’s strive to think about our impact on the air during the inversion season. We are excited to offer several programs this year that help Utahns like you take action for our air, such as the Smart Thermostat Program and the upcoming Gas Can Exchange. Stay tuned for additional updates about these programs on our website. When we live to breathe, we take small steps together that move us collectively closer to cleaner and healthier air.