Smart Energy Choices for Your Home

One way that you can improve Utah’s air quality is through making smart energy choices for your home. Whether you’re looking to replace appliances or make small changes in reducing emissions, there are multiple ways that you can show UCAIR about Utah’s air.

Change your furnace filters regularly

By changing the filter on your furnace, you keep energy costs down and extend the life of your HVAC system. A new filter helps maintain healthy air quality within your house, which is essential, especially if you have pets.

Replace incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs

Replacing old light bulbs in your house with LED bulbs is another cost-effective strategy to help Utah’s air quality. LED light bulbs use 75 percent less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. The less energy you use means less emissions in Utah’s air.

Lower your thermostat two degrees

Lowering your thermostat is one smart home energy strategy that you can do immediately to reduce energy usage. By lowering your thermostat just two degrees, you produce two percent fewer emissions and save two percent on your energy bill each month.

Switch your wood burning stove for natural gas

Burning wood emits harmful particulate matter and partially combusted hydrocarbons. The particulate matter is detrimental to your family, your neighborhood and your community. In fact, one wood-burning stove creates as much pollution as 90 SUVs. If you can afford to replace your wood-burning stove, install a natural gas model to reduce emissions. When the power goes out, many natural gas fireplaces can be lit with a match ensuring that you will still have heat.

Replace appliances with Energy Star certified appliances

Finally, replace old appliances with Energy Star certified appliances when the time comes. Energy Star appliances will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other emissions that pollute our air. The Energy Star label helps you make a decision when it comes to making smart home energy choices.

By making smart home choices, we can all make a difference in improving Utah’s air quality. Visit UCAIR today to discover more ways to reduce emissions for better air.