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Utahns Exchange 1,000 Environmentally-Harmful Gas Cans to Improve Air Quality

On Saturday, April 13, the 2019 ShowUCAIR Gas Can Exchange successfully reached its goal of removing 1,000 environmentally-harmful gas cans. Utahns gathered from across the state to replace their old gas cans with a new EPA-compliant gas can to further reduce emissions and promote cleaner, healthier air in Utah.

“Timing for the ShowUCAIR Gas Can Exchange is ideal with Earth Day just a week away,” said UCAIR Executive Director, Thom Carter. “We know from our research that Utahns will make changes to improve air quality if it is easy and inexpensive. Partnering with BoeingUnion Pacific and the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation to fund the purchase of the SureCans for the exchange helped remove 1,000 polluting gas cans. It was a practical solution for continuing to better our air.”

While the pre-EPA standard gas cans have been known to leak volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that pollute our air, the new EPA-compliant gas cans emit 78 percent less benzene — a hazardous carcinogen — and reduce emission permeation of VOCs.

The new EPA-compliant gas cans are equipped with the following improvements to help reduce VOC emissions.

  • Thicker walls to reduce vapor permeation
  • Automatic closing feature
  • Prevents leaking vapors when the can is not in use
  • Protects children from ingestion or accidental spillage
  • Automatic shut-off feature to prevent overfilling
  • Single venting hole to stop fumes from seeping into the air

(note that if you have a secondary venting hole in your gas can it is a pre-EPA standard gas can)

If you missed the 2019 ShowUCAIR Gas Can Exchange, you can still exchange your pre-EPA standard gas cans for a free EPA-compliant 5 gallon AmeriCan gas can.

*This Offer Will Only Run While Supplies Last*

Davis County Hazardous Waste Facility
1997 East 3500 North
Layton, UT