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How To Navigate Poor Air Quality Days In Utah

Summer is wrapping up, and that means in a few months, we could be faced with an inversion. Now is the best time to prepare. Not to worry, we have three simple tips for everyone to use that will help you navigate Utah’s air quality and even help improve it. Whether you are a native or new to our beautiful state, these tips will help us all. 

Tip #1: Prep. Looking ahead at the air quality for the week will help you know how to plan. It’s simple to check, if there is poor air, you’ll know about it, thanks to the Utah Department of Environmental Quality. Just click this link to find a three-day forecast that breaks down into a health forecast and determines action days. 

Air Quality Forecast Example

Tip #2: Plan. Once you know what the air quality looks like ahead of time, you can make a plan. Our recommendation is to explore different options. Having options gives you the flexibility to still maintain regular activities and help clear the air simultaneously. TravelWise Utah is just the place to find flexible options. With helpful information and free resources, TravelWise Utah will support you in contributing to clean air and staying healthy on poor air quality days. Each strategy TravelWise suggests is very doable and comes along with expert tips and resources to make each strategy as easy as possible to use. It’s a resource worth having in your back pocket. 

Tip #3: Commit. As we all know, poor air quality isn’t convenient. It can make us feel like we can’t do the things that we want to do. That’s why consistently making air-conscious decisions a habit can make a significant impact. Preparing and having a plan for poor air quality days will make it easier to commit to making habits that result in positive changes. 

Right now is the best time to implement these three tips. That way, when an inversion rolls in, you’ll already know exactly what to do to #ShowUCAIR about your health and Utah’s air.