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Indoor Actions for Air Quality

Just because the temperature has dropped, doesn’t mean your air quality habits have to. 

You’re probably spending more time indoors. But doing your part for air quality isn’t limited to carpooling, taking public transit, or any of the outdoor actions that you know. 

So what other actions can you take to improve air quality in your community?

Adjusting Your Thermostat

Changing your thermostat by as little as two degrees can make a big difference – which means raising it in the summer months, and lowering it in the winter months. Not only does it cut your energy consumption, it will also reduce your heating expenses. It’s a simple way to make your home more energy efficient. 


Not everyone has this option, but if your place of employment allows it, consider teleworking on bad air quality days. You reduce emissions in your community every time you opt to stay home instead of driving to work.

Using Electric Tools

Switching from gas powered tools to electric ones is a simple way to reduce your emissions. So when you’re working in the yard or blowing snow off of your driveway, you can complete your work knowing you’re also taking action to improve air quality.

There are so many ways to continually reduce your emissions at home. Maintaining your furnace, using water-based paints, and swapping out wood-based stoves or fireplaces for gas models are additional ways you can do your part for clear air. 

And when in doubt, visit our website for more simple tips you can take daily. Our choices all have an impact on Utah’s air quality – and doing your part is easier than you think!