Real Stories

Doctor Liz Joy sees firsthand how Utah’s bad air quality affects her patients. From young children to elderly adults, everyone is disadvantaged by poor air. “Nobody is immune to bad air quality. It affects everyone, no matter your age,” said Liz.

Mia Towery is no stranger to struggling with Utah’s bad air quality. As a child, she struggles with asthma and was recently hospitalized for pneumonia. When the inversion hits Utah, her symptoms get worse. That’s why Mia and her family do what they can to improve Utah’s air quality.

First Responder Brad Macfarlane has experienced symptoms of asthma throughout his life. Since he works in public safety, he has to be in top shape to serve his community. With poor air quality and the inversion, though, Brad has seen a decline in his health. In order to improve Utah’s air, Brad and his family implemented multiple clean air strategies such as turning their thermostat down two degrees.