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The Reset of Summer Ozone

If you’re unfamiliar with the significance of summer ozone in Utah and its impact on our air, allow us to share a few key facts:

  • Summer ozone is NOT the same as the ozone layer of Earth’s atmosphere. 
  • Summer ozone forms as pollutants react with heat and sunlight.
  • Unlike an inversion, summer ozone is nearly invisible.
  • Summer ozone can have short and long-term health effects on individuals, especially younger children, the elderly and those who have pre-existing health conditions.

But wait, there’s also good news – summer ozone resets every day!

As mentioned above, ozone forms when air pollutants, like vehicle emissions, chemically react in the heat of the day. Because it’s cooler in the mornings and evenings, summer ozone rises and falls in a daily cycle. 

While sharing facts is well and good, it means nothing if we don’t take action. Ozone’s daily cycle means that the decisions individuals make every single day impact the formation of ozone and Utah’s air quality during the summer. The choice to reduce your emissions by carpooling, biking, adjusting your thermostat, teleworking, etc. make a difference when it comes to your air quality.

If you’re looking to become a champion of air quality in your community, you’re in the right place. Explore our website for more air quality education, as well as easy tips to fine-tune daily habits that will affect Utah’s air quality.