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January Partner Meeting

Our January Partner Meeting hosted a highly anticipated preview of the upcoming 2023 Legislative Session. We had a lineup of presentations from different sectors, including

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At Home

Teleworking: Why You Should Be Doing It

By now, you’ve probably had a taste of teleworking. One positive thing that came from the COVID-19 pandemic is that working from home became more common. It was an effective way to reduce the spread of the virus and keep people healthy, but teleworking can also improve your health in other ways. In fact, teleworking is the solution to multiple health issues, one of the most prominent being air quality.

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At Home

The Summer Pollution Predator: Ground Level Ozone

We often see clear skies in Utah during the summer months, but there is still a pollution predator affecting our air quality that may not be as well known. Just like a real villain, ground ozone is sneaky. It strikes even when the weather is good.

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